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    As requested -- How I posted the Prototype font over to iOS.


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    As requested -- How I posted the Prototype font over to iOS.

    Post by battlekid on Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:41 am

    Hey there noobs and players! As requested, here is a short summary of how I ported Ngmoco's Eliminate font over to iOS.

    Firstly, I used the guide here as a guideline:

    To edit the font files, I used FontSwap Studio (torrented from

    Basically, you can download BytaFont (, and SSH into your device to extract the base font files. Afterwards, follow the guide up there ^^, and you can edit the font.

    A word of caution: Make sure to manually check all the glyphs, and you WILL need to manually copy over a few of them.

    To port over Prototype, I had to resize it per font file, and carefully paste it into each TTF file using the guide above.

    For the TTC files, you need to download BREAKTTC and MAKETTC, which must be run in DOSbox ( Now as the TTSDK is from 1996, I'll post a mirror:

    To edit the font, you need to run DOSbox, mount a dir as the C: drive, and use BREAKTTC.EXE on both TTC files you removed from BytaFont on your device. Then, edit each and every one of the TTF files you expanded, and after they are all edited fully with the font you are porting (MAKE SURE THE UPM SIZES ARE ALWAYS THE CORRECT ONES!), save them all and use MAKETTC.EXE to combine them back into a TTC file. Repeat with the other TTC file included. ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO MATCH UPM SIZES!

    Anyways, that's a basic tut on how to do it. It took me hours and several font editing studio suites, but I finally managed to get it working.

    Oh, and here's a DL for my WIP PrototypePro font (still missing a bunch of glyphs and italics):

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